Born to Paint the World Around Me

Paul is originally from Detroit, Michigan but was raised in the beautiful outdoors that is Idaho. He now resides in beautiful Boise, Idaho.

Paul has always been interested in art from an early age. While not sure about pursuing a future in art growing up, he did continually study art all through grade school and eventually studied illustration at Utah State University under professor Glen Edwards. Paul became skilled in portraiture, in a variety of mediums and enjoys representing people in their best light.

The digital art age came in a rush and Paul has become a master at digital illustration and animation having been at it for about 20 years. While modern digital art can capture a lot of what traditional techniques can imbue, he rediscovered traditional media and has fallen back in love with watercolors and graphite on paper.

Plein air painting of a variety of subjects and locales has become a passion of Paul’s and combines his love of the outdoors and traditional media.

This online gallery aims to showcase the fruits of his return to traditional media.

The Journey of Light and Shadow

“I find the beauty in shadows, light and reflections all around us can make even the mundane interesting. Looking for how light and reflections play with a subject and how shadows can make the composition, is the perfect mix for a beautiful painting. I’m still working on capturing that beauty…”