Luella and Nita the Owl

Many types of animals live on farms. Some of the most interesting ones, are only visiting for a while.

A mother owl has chosen a cottonwood tree on the family farm for her nest to raise her three baby owlets. Luella develops a bond with this mother owl. She does all she can to keep her new friend safe in this tree.

Author: Nancy Gaenzle

Luella’s Christmas Surprise

Luella’s on Christmas break and the seasons are changing. The ducks are flying south, prepare for something a little extra this Christmas.

A warm, welcoming Christmas story about Luella’s adventures and what she learns along the way. There’s a little something extra this Christmas and it’s a wonderful surprise.

Author: Nancy Gaenzle

Luella and Frank the Pheasant

Luella discovers a male pheasant has been walking very close to the hen house. She makes a plan to feed and befriend this pheasant, and even gives him the name Frank.

They get along all summer but soon it’s time to go back to school, what will become of Luella’s newest friend?

Author: Nancy Gaenzle