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Luella and Frank the Pheasant


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Luella and Frank the Pheasant

Luella discovers a male pheasant has been walking very close to the hen house. She makes a plan to feed and befriend this pheasant, and even gives him the name Frank.

They get along all summer but soon it’s time to go back to school, what will become of Luella’s newest friend?

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Luella and Frank the Pheasant

Luella discovers a male pheasant has been leaving his tracks very close to the hen house. Luella wants to find out more about this visitor, so she creates a plan. She will feed this pheasant in hopes of developing his trust and possibly friendship.

The relationship of this very unlikely pair blossoms with each activity these two friends share. Whether it is playing hide-and-seek or watching Frank take a dust bath, Luella has truly found a friend for life.

The summer days quickly pass. Fall has arrived. Harvest season is in the air. There is a distant sound of a tractor in Frank’s cornfield.

Luella runs down the road to catch the school bus. What will happen to this precious friendship?

“Luella and Frank the Pheasant” is the third book in the Luella Book Series.

The “Luella Books” are wholesome and family oriented.  They were written especially for children in the primary grades.  Parents and grandparents will enjoy reading these books to their children!
—Ann Vogt, school teacher

After reading the first four books in the “Luella Books” series, I enthusiastically recommend them for children and their parents!  Ms. Gaenzle’s writing style reflects both her love for children and her appreciation of those small but important childhood experiences.  The books also encourage a love and appreciation of nature and wildlife – especially for our feathered friends.  Enjoy!
—Teresa Alexander

Author: Nancy Gaenzle

Illustrator: Paul Bush

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